Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cross Country Championship 2013

Unfortunately, yesterday morning the XC coach and I made the difficult decision not to let Matt run in State Championship due to illness. He had been fighting the crud all week and on Thursday, I thought he was going to be fine. But he started texting me on Friday late afternoon while Mr. Happy and I were driving up to Tallahassee telling me how awful he was feeling and how congested he was. When I arrived, I could tell he was running a fever and his coughing was getting worse. I made him go to bed and rest and the next morning at 5:45, the coach and I decided that the sub needed to run. Needless to say Matt was very disappointed (and my heart was breaking for him).  He told me he was going out to the course to support his team and that he would be back next year. Sometimes he just surprises me so much! They did not place high in the run, but it was the first time the men's XC at Matt's school had ever made it to state. These guys have worked so hard this year!

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A Town and Country Life said...

Hi Glenna, thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. I hope your son is feeling better. Both of my children also run cross country.
Oh, and I LOVED your new shelving in the kitchen. Simply gorgeous.