Friday, October 17, 2014

OOTD and My Updated List

So far I've been doing great with my Fall and Winter List! Here are a few adjustments:

I added my Camo Pants to the Casual Bottoms which brought the list to 22. THey were in the wash when I was making my list and not in the closet. I added my red quilted vest from Talbot's to the Sweaters' List for a Total of 61 items. Also my Brown Corduroy Skirt is actual Dark Green. And I switched out the Bright Blue Tops on the Casual lists so that was an even swap. Another change I made was the Lucky Brand Jeans. I swapped them out for a pair of ankle jeans from Talbot's that fit me much better. The Lucky jeans were just too big, I didn't want to spend the $$ to have them altered. Hopefully, someone at shopping at Goodwill will be blessed with them. I'm wearing the Talbot's jeans today along with the cable-knit sweater, Banana Republic No-Iron White Shirt, Tory Burch flats and a Reversible C Wonder belt.

Notice my fan in the background? Yep, that baby stays on high all night long!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Laundry Room ORC Week 3

The floors and grout have been cleaned, and the holes have been patched and the painting has begun! Our weekend was busy with Bunco, Cross Country, and the Florida v. LSU game :(. Plus I caught a cold. But things are slowly coming together. This weekend we have more Cross Country and Homecoming.

Below are things that I'll be working on over the next week:
  • Painting the shelving and brackets.
  • Painting the pegboard (for gift wrap center)
  • Putting together the Billy Bookcase.
  • Looking for a new rug.
  • Looking for a new light fixture.

unstained whitewood boards (x2)
Home Depot Wood Brackets (x6)
Ikea Billy Bookcase


Light fixtures I've been of these is not like the others, but it still kinda strikes my fancy. Go figure! They are all from Lowe's.

Here is the state of affairs today... YIKES!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rainy Day Boots Bring Sunshine!

Today started out I wore my corduroy skirt with my denim shirt and in order to make sure the rain stopped, I wore my rain boots. Rain stopped mid morning, sun came out and the humidity dropped! Hell Florida welcomes fall!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Game Day Attire

We have so many cute shops in our little town, and one of my favorites is Dressed. I stopped by yesterday after lunch and picked out a cute top and clutch for today's UF v. LSU game in Gaineville.

The necklace I bought at a shop in new Smyrna Beach last year, sandals are Tory Burch (on sale from 2 years ago) and shorts are J Crew Factory that I pulled out of my summer things. Other wedding band, Seiko watch and my charm bracelet. The blue and white bracelet is part of the clutch!

Since I bought this top, I replaced the other blue top that I had on my Casual List (Bright Blue Pullover from Old Navy). This one is a softer and a more substantial material. Plus, I can wear it well into the winter months in Florida.

The clutch...pure impulse buy. I didn't need it. but it is so damn cute!

Go Gators!

Monday, October 06, 2014

Laundry Room ORC Week 2

The laundry room has been cleaned out!! (With the exception of the washer and dryer of course...Unfortunately, I still have to do laundry!) I removed all the shelving and found a new home for all the wreaths. This week I plan to clean the grout & floors, spackle all the holes and start the painting.

Natural Wicker - BM for the walls

Kingsport Gray for the trim and shelves
I already had the paint for the walls. I picked up the paint for the trim and the spackle today.

I also left the little shelf in there to I keep my detergent handy :).

By the way, we have had 2 lovely days here in Florida! Morning temps in the high 50's! I have loved it. We are back to the high temps later in the week. I just hope Black Cohash is a miracle worker. Otherwise, I'm considering ice packs for my, really.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

One Room Challenge

The only way that I'm going to get my laundry room painted and organized is to join the One room Challenge in Blog Land. it goes!

Here it is in all it's glory!

I have 6 weeks to re-do it!

To find out more about the One Room Challenge visit Linda's beautiful blog here

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Fall and Winter Wardrobe

After much determination, I have finally come up with a small and simple wardrobe for the fall and winter months. It's certainly not the 10 piece wardrobe and I also missed the mark for the 333 challenge, but I think it will work for me. My goal is to not go over 66 pieces of clothing (33 for work and 33 for casual). Right now, my total is at 59.

Casual 21


White Jeans (J Crew)
Blue Jeans (Loft)
Black Skinny Ponte (Talbots)
Red Cords (Talbots)
Black Felt Skirt
Brown Corduroy Skirt (Talbots)

Denim Dress (J Crew)
Blue Shirt Dress (Kayce Hughes)
Black Ponte Dress (Old Navy)

Coral Tunic w/ White Dots (Old Navy)
Denim Tunic (Old Navy)
Denim Shirt (Talbots)
Long Sleeve Tee White (J Crew)
Long Sleeve Tee Black (J Crew)
Long Sleeve Tee Red (J Crew)
Long Sleeve Tee Yellow (J Crew)
Long Sleeve Tee Black Stripe (Old Navy)
Blue Stripe Pullover (Talbots)
Camo Bunny (Talbots)
Bright Blue Pullover (Old Navy)
Blue & White Stripe (Loft)

Work 25

Navy Wool Slacks (Boden)
Brown Wool Slacks (Boden)
Gray Slacks (Talbots)
Khaki Slacks (Talbots)
Black Slacks (Talbots)
Red Pants (Talbots)
Mustard Wool Skirt (J Crew)
Green/Black Boucle Skirt (J Crew)

Brown/Gold Sleeveless Dress (J McLaughlin)
Blue Sleeveless Dress (Tahari)
Blue/Tan Sleeveless Dress (Tahari)
Blue Ponte Dress (Elizabeth McKay)

White Peasant (Loft)
White No Iron (Banana Republic)
Lite Pink Sleeveless (Unknown)
Beige Dolman Sleeve (Talbots)
Navy Tunic w/ Orange Trim (Elizabeth McKay)
Navy Dolman Sleeve (Talbots)
Coral No Iron (Banana Republic)
Red Sleeveless (Elizabeth McKay)
Red Ballet Neck (Talbots)
Navy Blazer (Talbots)
Pink Blazer (Talbots)
Black Cashmere Ballet Neck (Dillards)
Navy Blue Silk w/ Orange (Elizabeth McKay)

The following items are sweaters that I can be worn for work or just out and about. Right now they are much too warm to wear in Hell Florida, but they will work December-March. 

Sweaters 13
Black Cashmere Pullover (Dillards)
Black Ruffle Cardigan (Lilly)
Beige Wrap (Wallis)
Pink Cardigan (J Crew)
Orange Cardigan (J Crew)
Black Cardigan (J Crew)
Dk. Gray Cardigan (J Crew)
Gray Turtleneck (Talbots)
Pink Turtleneck (Talbots)
Black Turtleneck (Talbots)
Off White Chunky Turtleneck (J Crew)
Fur Vest (Ann Taylor)
Beige Cable Knit Cardigan (Talbots)

To be fair, most items can be worn to work. There are days that I have to be more dressy than others, but nice jeans are acceptable. I moved most of my summer things to the closet in the guest bedroom and donated the rest. A few things on the list were taken to be altered since they were too big and I took 3 pairs of shoes to be cleaned and polished and I donated 2 more pairs to good will. 

Above in blue, I highlighted the 2 items I wore today and here they are IRL

I did not include dressier pieces, shoes or jewelry on the lists. I'll explain why in separate posts for each.

I'm disappointed in myself in that I just couldn't get to the 33 items, but these 66 are a big step for me. I've gotten rid of everything that no longer fits or that I feel is not "me." These are the pieces that I wear again and again and that I have had for a while. In the future, if I buy something and it puts me over the 66 item limit then something else must go. I don't want to have stuff just for the sake of having stuff.

I'm still HOT!